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Accounting Services

Ronin HR Inc has a close relationship with Fortitude² a new, modern accounting firm using technology to provide their clients with the services they need: anything from a Fractional CFO to part-time bookkeeping and accounting.

Just a fixed monthly fee - no surprises

Fortitude² will take your accounting to the next level, handling your day to day bookkeeping and monthly reports so you don’t have to. We will get intimate with your business, so that we can develop a full understanding of your needs. By utilizing the best in accounting software and AI technologies, we will provide you with timely data and clear actionable insight so that you can focus on your business goals, vision, and values. We will take on the role of an in-house accounting department, from bookkeeping to CFO, for a fraction of the cost at a fixed monthly fee.

Contact Fortitude² directly for a free consultation: